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Herman Dyck 1876-1959

Herman Dyck 1876 -1959 and Elizabeth Esau

Herman Dyck was born Nov. 8, 1876 in Manitoba to lsaah Dyck and Susan Fehr. His parents emigrated to Canada from Russia on July 6, 1875, on a ship named S.S. Sarmation. The lsaah Dycks settled at Reinland, Manitoba, where Herman Dyck spent his youth years.

On March 12, 1899, Herman Dyck was married in Reinland to Katharina Hiebert. She was born Sept. 23, 1881. A daughter Katharlna was born on April 8, 1900 to this marriage, and nine days later Katharina passed away. The baby Katharlna went to live with her grandparents, the W. Hieberts.

After the death of his first wife, Herman Dyck took a Job as a teacher in a Mennonite private German school. During this time he met his bride to be. Herman married Elizabeth Esau on March 20 1904. She was born March 15, 1880 in Schonfeld, Manitoba, to Aaron and Sarah (Siemens) Esau.

Herman continued to serve as a school teacher following their marriage. He taught for a total of nine years in Manitoba.

In 1909-10, the Dyck family moved to Saskatchewan. They lived at Aaron Schroeders near the village of Chortitz west of Hague, and later they moved into Chortitz village. Here Mr. Dyck was again hired as a schoolteacher.

In 1918 the Dyck family moved to the village of Osler, where Herman Dyck opened a sheet metal business. He also took over the job postmaster for the Osler area. Herman Dyck purchased the store building from Gerhard Bergen in 1916 and ran a store and post offlce together from one building.

After a few years the store was discontinued. The mail came by train to the Osler statlon, and was taken by cart or by manpower to the post office. For a period of 38 years the Dycks ran the post office. At the age of 73, Herman Dyck gave up this job and his son Isaac followed his father's footsteps as postmaster.

Herman Dyck also had other interests and talents. He became the elevator agent for the Pool Elevator Company in August of 1929. This also was mixed with rewards and sorrows. Herman Dyck was rewarded with a "Master Certificate" for his diligence as an elevator agent for the yeas 1934 to 1943. For Mr. Dyck it was more than just an elevator. He also had beautlful flower gardens planted around the elevator with a different arrangement every year. At one time, he even had a pond with live fish swimming in it.

Sorrow was also part of the job. On June 6, 1928, Mary Dyck, the seven year old daughter of Herman and Elizabeth was the victim of an accident. Mary had gone to the elevator to call her father home for lunch and somehow fell into a hopper while it was moving. The child was placed in a car and rushed to Saskatoon City Hospital, where she died a few hours later. A very tragic accident.

Herman Dyck passed away in Dec. 1959, and his wife Elizabeth on Nov. 29, 1964. Both played an active and vital role in the development of the Osler area.

CredIt for information to an article in the Mennonitishe (Steinbach) Post on May 12, 1954, and to a history of the Osler area compiled by Hella Banman entitled, "Bits and Pieces of Osler District 1890-1980." The photo of the Herman Dycks was contributed by their daughter, Mrs. Susie Rostek of Warman.

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