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Isaac Janzen 1870-1935

Isaac Janzen

Isaac Janzen was born Jan. 13, 1870, to Gerhard Janzen and Anna Peters. At the age of five he came to Canada from Russia with his parents on the S.S. Canadian. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 19, 1875. He was 11 years old when his mother died. Isaac Janzen was the youngest of six children.

The following year, in 1882, his father married a widow, Mrs. Franz Wall (nee Justina Martens), with five young children. Isaac was then given to another family to be raised by them. Isaac married Katharina Bergen on March 26, 1893. She was born June 29,1874 to Abraham Bergen and Katharina Friesen. She came to Canada with her parents on the S.S. Polynesian on July 6, 1879. The Bergens settled at Ebenfeld, Manitoba.

In 1899 Isaac Janzen's father-in-law, Abraham Bergen, purchased Section 19 Tp 40 R4 W of 3rd from the Canadian Pacific Railroad. This land was soon to become the village of Schoenwiese. Like all other Old Colony villages, Schonwiese was built on an odd-numbered section purchased usually from the railroad companies, or the Hudson Bay Company. The settlers of Schonwiese were nearly all children of Abraham Bergen Sr. This holds true for other villages as well, where the original settlers were very often related to each other.

Isaac Janzen settled in Schonwiese as well in 1899. He homesteaded NW30 Tp40 R4 W of3rd.

In 1899 he broke 3 acres and cropped 0; in 1900, he broke 9 acres and cropped 3; in 1901; he broke 9 acres and cropped 12; in 1902, he broke 10 acres and cropped 21.

In 1902, he had 2 horses, 3 cattle and 2 pigs. He built a framed house in the village of Schonwiese, 16x24, valued at $200; He also built a framed stable, 16x20, valued at $50, and a framed granary, 8x16, valued at $25.

The roof of the barn was made of straw. Mr. Janzen had gone to his quarter of land north of Schonwiese, cut the straw with his binder, and tied, it into bundles. These bundles were tied and overlapped on the roof like shingles and tied to the support rafters. This roof was always leak-proof and held for years. The house had been built,first and the barn a little later on.

Isaac Janzen died Sept. 8, 1935, and is buried in the Schonwiese village cemetery. His wife died Oct. 20, 1947, and is buried in the Neuhorst Cemetery.

---The photo can be credited to Peter Janzen, Warman, a son of the Isaac Janzens.

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