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Isaac Loeppky - 1859

Isaac Loeppky - 1859

Isaac Loeppky was born Nov. 11, 1859 in southern Russia. His father Isaac Loeppky, died in Russia in 1871, so Isaac came to Canada with his mother (nee Maria Neufeld). They came to Canada on the S.S. Moravian, on July I, 1875.

Issac married Aganetha Schellenberg on Dec., 3, 1878. She was born on July 20, 1857 to Komelius Schellenberg and Anna Peters. Her father had died in Russia, so she had come to Canada with her step-father, Jacob Goertzen, and mother on the S.S. Peruvian which arrived in Quebec City on July 13,1875.

After his marriage, Isaac Loeppky homesteaded at Nieder Chortitz, Manitoba. He took up a second homestead in Saskatchewan in 1899. He homesteaded NE 26-39-5-W3 west of Osler.

In 1899, he broke 18 acres and cropped 0; in 1900, he broke 27 acres and cropped 27; in 1901, he broke 24 acres and cropped 50; in 1902, he broke 24 acres and cropped 75.

In 1902, he owned six horned stock, five horses, and four pigs. He did not have a house on his homestead but built a house in the village of Neuhorst. He did build a 12' x18' framed granary valued at $100 on his homestead.

After his first wife's death in 1890, he married Katharina Goertzen, born Jan. 25, 1863, the daughter of Jacob Goertzen and Susanna Janzen. She died on Nov. 7,1920.

His third marriage was to Gertruda Wall, born April 26,1877, the daughter of Kornelius Wall and Maria Kropp. She died March 9, 1953.

Isaac served the Old Colony community in serveral ways. He was one of the first vorsaenger (song leaders) in the Neuhorst Old Colony Church. There were generally four or five vorsaenger in one congregation. The vorsaenger were elected by the church body. One of these men would call out the first line and the number of the song. He would also start the song, where upon the other vorsanger and then the entire congregation would join in.

Isaac Loeppky was also a good carpenter. He was built caskets for those that died.

He also built many buildings in the village of Neuhorst, including the Old Colony Church in the village. The church ws built in 1907 and officially opened on Nov. 17, 1907.

A grandson of the Loeppkys, Dick Braun, Osler, contributed the photograph.

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