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Jacob Bergen 1850-1911

Jacob Bergen 1850-1911

Jacob Bergen was born Jan. 30, 1850 in Russia to Johann Bergen and Maria Wiebe. Jacob married Helena Peters on May 25,1880. She was born July 17, 1860 to Peter Peters and Elizabeth Janzen.

The Bergens moved to Canada in 1892 from Russia. They settled at Gretna, Man. June 1, 1892. The trip lasted 28 days. They remained in southern Manitoba until they were able to take up land in Saskatchewan.

On April 4, 1898, the Bergen family arrived at Rosthern from Manitoba. Mr. Bergen then applied for a homestead southeast of the town of Laird in NW 16, Tp 43, R 4, W of 3. Here the Bergens built a 28 x16 ft. house which was valued at $200, and a stable 20 x 28, a granary 16 x 25, and dug one well, all valued at $200. They also made the followmg improvements. In 1898, they broke 20 acres and cropped none. In 1899, broke 20 and cropped 40; in 1900 broke 30 and cropped 70. They also owned 5 horses, 3 cows and 5 pigs in 1901.

At the age of 60, Jacob Bergen suffered a .tragic death. An account of this accident is borrowed from the diary of Heinrich Wieler, Rosthem. Here he writes on an Aug. 9, 1911 entry:
Peter. J. Bergen, told me (Hemrich Wieler) that his father had died. Jacob Bergen had been hauling hay. When his load was full, he climbed up at the back, walked to the front, took the reins and started driving.

While starting out he wanted to get his foot planted in the board. The board gave way and Bergen fell between the horses and wagon. Both wheels went over his back. Bergen died on Aug. 8, 1911. They had gone for the doctor (Dr. Penner from Rosthern) immediately but Bergen was dead already when the doctor arrived. On Aug. 10,1911, we attended the funeral of Jacob Bergen. There was coffee after the message and then the procession went to the church in Eigenheim. There three blessed sermons were given by Rev. Gerhard Epp, Rev. David Toews and Elder Peter Regier.

On the morning of his death, Mr.Bergen had read II Corinthians 5:1-10. Perhaps he had an intuition of his death that particular day.

Mrs. Bergen (nee Helena Peters) then married Cornelius Bergen on July 4, 1912. There were six children from her first marriage that needed a father. Cornelius Bergen, born Oct. 27, 1860, also had four children that had been without a mother for many years. His wife, nee Aganetha Funk, born May 9, 1866, had died on May 12, 1904. One child from both of these families died of the Spanish Flu in the fall of 1918.

Mrs. Bergen (nee Helena Peters) died Feb. 21, 1921. Cornelius then went to live with his children. For many years he lived with his two sons, Jacob and Isaak. They were bachelors who liveed near Wingard. Cornelius reached the age of 89, and died on June 18, 1950.

(Credit for the information goes to Mrs. Katharina Doell and to her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Neufeld, Warman, for the 1 photo. They are grandchildren of the. Bergens. Ed Roth, Rosthem, generously loaned me his grandfather, Heinrich Wieler's diary. It contains many interesting anecdotes about settlers in the Rosthern area.)

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