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Jacob Loewen 1847-1937

Jacob Loewen 1847-1937

Jacob Loewen was born Dec. 14, 1847, to Abraham Loewen and Katharina Friesen. He married in 1888 toI Sarah Hildebrand. She was born Aug. 29, 1848 to Isaak Hildebrand and Maria Reddekopp. One child was born to thls marriage but died soon after it was born.

In approximately 1875 Jacob Loewen's wife died and he married the same year to Katharina Ens. She was born June 12, 1855 to Abram Ens and Judith Penner. Flfteen children were born to this second marriage.

In the early 1890s the Loewen family came from Russia to live in Canada. In the year 1900, he purchased the north half of section 26, Tp40, R4, W of 3rd (south of Hague) for the sum of $220 from the Hudson's Bay Company.

He built a house and lived there from April 1901 until July 1904.

From there he moved to the village of Neuanlage where he built a house, a stable and other buildings, the total valued at $1,300. Jacob also took up a homestead on SW22-38-5, south of Warman. Here he made the following improvements:

In 1903, he broke five acres and cropped 0; In 1904, he broke 12 acres and cropped 5; in 1905, he broke 21 acres and cropped 17. He also erected a 12x14 house on his homestead valued at $40.

As they got older the Jacob Loewens went to live with their children, the Peter Klassens, at Gruenthal, who took care of them.

Jacob Loewen died in June 1937, and is buried in the Neuanlage Cemetery.

After her husband's death Mrs. Loewen went to live with her children, the Peter Guenters at Reinland. Here she died on Sept. 15, 1938 and was buried in the Reinland cemetery.

Credit for the photo goes to Jacob Wall, Saskatoon, a grandson of the Loewens.

* * *

This article on the Jacob Loewens marks the end of thls Sask. Valley Pioneer series. I am thankful for the response it has received and for the constructive criticIsm and information people have relayed to me.

I wish to include a list of corrections that have unlntentlonally become a part of this series. I am sorry if I have offended anyone through these mistakes. Some errors were spotted by myself, but I am thankful to the people who pointed out the others.

Jan. 24, 1985 - under thd photo of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Woelke it says, "Mr. Giesbrecht owned a furniture store in Osler." This should read "Mr. Woelke." Mr. Woelke's death date should be 1932.

March 7, 1985 - The photo of Aeltester Jacob Wiens was contributed, by Jacob E. Friesen of Hague.

March 14, 1985 - The photo of Rev. Johann Wall was compliments of his grandson, Jacob Wall, Saskatoon.

March 21, 1985 - This photo of Rev. Johann P. Wall was also contributed by Jacob E. Friesen of Hague.

May 9, 1985 - Mrs. Peter Pauls (nee Elizabeth Janzen) was married three times. Her thlrd marriage was to a Martin B. Hamm.

July 18, 1985 - Mrs. Wilhelm Siemens (nee Anna Derksen) died on Aug. 9, 1911 and not 1917. Sbe died while Mr, Siemens was a teacher in Osterwich. She ls buried in the Osterwich Cemetery.

Sept. 5, 1985 - The deaths of both Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Wiens are incorrect. Mr. Wiens died on Aug. 2,1940 and not 1945, and Mrs. Wiens (nee Sarah Peters) died May 26 (not May 25) 1945.

Sept. 19, 1985 - Heinrich Janzen died November of 1920. He suffered greatly during the course of the few days following the accident. His situation was unique in one sense, and yet very typical of many of the struggles these pioneers endured. Many invaluable lessons can be learned through the lives of our forebearers such as the Janzens.

Sept. 26, 1985 - The birth date of Gerhard Janzen should be Nov. 30, 1857 and not 1877.

Oct. 10, 1985 - Isaac Bergen, Hepburn, who donated the photo of the Isaac Bergens, is their son and not grandson.

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