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Jacob Teichroeb - 1870

Jacob Teichroeb-1870

Jacob Teichroeb was born in Russia on May 26, 1870 to Johan and Sarah (Krahn) Teichroeb. The Teichroebs lived at Schoenhorst Russia and came to Canada on the S.S. Sarmatian on June 30, 1877. They then moved to the village of Blumenhoff in southern Manitoba.

Jacob came to Saskatchewan in 1895 with his parents and settled in the village of Neuanlage. Jacob homesteaded the SW30 Tp40 R3 W of 3 (south of Hague). He obtained entry in November 1895 but did not reside on his homestead. He choses to live with his parents in Neuanlage from May of 1896 till July at 1897. He then built a 12 'x 22' house on his homestead and moved there. He also built a stable, both buildings he valued together at $50.00. He purchased 2 oxen in 1898 in order to work his land. He made the following improvements: In 1896 he broke 3 acres and cropped none; in 1897 he broke 6 acres and cropped three; in 1898 he broke 10 acres and cropped nine; in 1899 he broke 20 acres and cropped 19; in 1900 he broke 2 acres and cropped 39.

Jacob was married on Feb 3, 1901 to Margaretha Driedger. She was born Feb 29, 1882 in Manitoba to Peter and Anna (Unrau) Driedger. The Driedgers had come to Canada from Russia on the S.S. Peruevian. This ship arrived in Quebec City on June 30, 1878.

The Driedgers homesteaded at Einlage, Manitoba. From here they too made the move to Saskatchewan in 1895 and settled in Neuanlage.

The Teichroebs lived on their farm for some time, and then moved to the village of Neuhorst. About this time Jacob Tiechroeb purchased a threshing machine together with another man. A succesion of unfortunate events caused them to lose their business.

Jacob then heard of employment possibilities in British Columbia, so. he and his family moved. They settled first in Armstrong in approx. 1915-17. They then moved by horse and wagon to Fort George, now Prince George, B.C. Here Jacob continued to work at various jobs as a labourer.

By 1919-20, the Teichroebs moved to the Calgary-Didsbury area in southern Alberta. It was here that mother Margaretha, Teichroeb died of Typhoid Fever in 1920. Their seventeen-year old son Peter also died of the same illness. Two other children, namely, Anna and Kornelius, also became very ill and were hospitalized in Calgary.

When they were released from the hospital, they were given up by their father to be raised by other families. The family split up. Johan b. 1902 has never been seen since. Jacob stayed with a family east of Didsbury, and now lives at Red Deer, Alberta. Anna is married and lives at Innisfail, Alberta. Kornelius is married and lives at Altona, B.C. (near Fort St. John). Isaak b. 1913, was killed in action while serving with the Canadian army in World War II.

Throughout the course of history many families have been separated by wars, illness, natural disasters migrations and for many other reasons. These separations have been the cause of many tears and times of worry. The Teichroeb family would also like to be reunited and and heal the scars that were created at the time of the death of their mother. If anyone could help in the location of their brother, Johan Teichroeb, please contact me or Kornelius Teichroeb at the address above.

Mrs. David Braun, Neuhorst, contributed the photograph.

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