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Johan Braun - 1864-1929

Johan Braun 1864-1929 and his family

Johan Braun was born to Johan Braun and Anna Dyck on March 2, 1864, in Einlage, Russia. He was married, on July 8, 1890, to Aganetha Klassen. Aganetha was born Feb. 9, 1873, to Heinrich Klassen and Aganetha Neufeld. Johan Braun worked as a mill worker in Russia.

In 1890 he and his new bride left their Russian home and moved to Canada.

Johan Braun took up a homestead in Saskatchewan in 1899 and built a house in Osterwich, east of Warman. His parents-in-law, the Heinrich Klassens, moved to the village of Neuhorst. Johan Braun's homestead was NE 6 Tp. 39, R4, W3rd.

In 1899, he broke 36 acres and cropped 0; In 1900 he broke 25 acres and cropped 36; in 1901, he broke 10 acres and cropped 61; in 1902, he broke 6 acres and cropped 71.

In 1899, he owned threee horses and one cow. He built a 28x30-ft. framed house in Osterwich Village, valued at $200. A stable, and a granary were built and a well dug, all valued at $100.

Johan's first wife passed away in Feb. of 1902. She buried in the Osterwich cemetery. In December of th same year, he married Maria Friesen, born July 26,1874.

Johan Braun also operated a blacksmith shop in Osterwich.

In 1919, they moved from the village of Osterwich to a farm further east along the South Saskatchewan River.

Johan Braun passed away on June 18, 1929, and his second wife, Maria, on August 8, 1949. They are both buried in the Osterwich village cemetery.

Credit for the photo goes to Mr. Ben Ens, Saskatoon, a grandchild of the Brauns. Many of the Braun family still live in the Warman district.

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