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Johann Loeppky 1882-1950

Altesta Johann Loeppky

Attester Johann Loeppky was born Jan. 21, 1882, in Manitoba to Johann, Loeppky and Maria Martens. Just before Alt. Loeppky was born, his father was killed in an accident. Mr. Loeppky had tied the reins of two horses , around his hands. The horses took off in two different and ripped him apart.

His mother remarried in 1883 to Isaac Dyck. Alt. Loeppky had no brothers or sisters from his real father who reached adulthood. At the age of five he went to live with his mother's parents, the Abram Martens.

Alt. Loeppky's grandparents, Abram Martens, moved, to Saskatchewan in 1898. Alt. Loeppky also moved along, and in 1900 took up a homestead on SE 34, Tp.39,R4, W of 3rd. He lived with his grand father in the village of Reinland. In 1903 Johann Loeppky married Anna Neudorf. She was born on Dec. 24, 1884, to Heinrich Neudorf and Anna Siemens. The Neudorfs were also residents of the village of Reinland. The young couple lived with his grandparents until 1905, when he purchased the land from his grandparents.

In 1901, he broke 10 acres and cropped 0, In.1902 he broke 10 acres and cropped 10. In 1903 he broke 10 acres and cropped 20. From 1903 - 1906, he owned six head of cattle, six horses andtbree pigs.

His first wife died in July 1909. In Sept, 1909, he married Helena Janzen. She was born Sept. 26, 1884, to Peter Janzen and Maria Froese. The task must have been difficult for her, having never been married, and then to raise four small chlldren. To add to this, soon after this marriage, in approx. 1910, her husband was elected to the ministry.

Since Attester Jacob Wiens had moved to Mexico in 1926, the church had been left without an elder. So, on March 13,1930, Jolumn Loeppky was elected as elder. He was, ordained as elder on March 16, 1930, by Altester Cornelius Hamm of the Bergthaler Church.

Alt. Johann Loeppky led a group of Merinonites to Mexico in 1948. There were 18 families from Sask. and 116 from Man. This was done in co-operation with the Kleine Gemeinde.Mennonite Church.

In June 1949, Altester Loeppky returned, to Sask. to baptize a group but went back to Mexico. On Feb., 23, 1950, the Loeppkys returned to Sask. and settled at Neuhorst. Attester Johann Loeppky died in a Saskatoon hospital on Aug. 20, 1950. His wife died on Feb. 21, 1966.

He served the Old Colony Church for 20 years, as a minister and 20 years as elder. During this time he preached 2,103 sermons; baptized 197 people; married 198 couples; and conducted 549 funerals. Many of the Loeppky family members still reside in. the Osler-Warman area.

--Photocredit to Jacob G. Guenter of Osler.

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