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Peter Pauls 1869-1924

Peter Pauls 1869-1924

Peter Pauls was born March 14, 1869, to Franz Pauls and Eva Kasper. He married Elizabeth Janzen on October 7,1890.

She was born Nov. 8, 1870 to Julius Janzen and Sarah Peters.

In 1891 Peter Pauls and his young wife came to Canada from Russia together with his mother. They then settled in Manitoba for a short while, and then moved on to Sask.

His mother married Peter O. Penner in 1892, and later moved to the Clark's Crossing area, just north of Saskatoon.

Peter Pauls took up a homestead in 1898 at Reinfeld, Sask., on the NE 18, Tp 41, R3, W of 3 (north of Hague).

In 1898, he broke 10 acres and cropped 0; in 1899, he broke 26 acres and cropped 16; in 1900, he broke 20 acres and cropped 36; in 1901, he broke 20 acres and cropped 54.

He built a 16x24 ft. house in Reinfeld Village, valued at $300. He also built a stable, granary, pig pen and dug a well, all valued at $100. In 1902, he owned three head of cattle, three horses and two pigs.

After the death of Peter Pauls on Oct. 25, 1924, his wife married Abraham Giesbrecht. Mrs. Pauls passed away on Jan. 17. 1942.

The Pauls children have all died but other descendants are still living in the Hague- Warman area.

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