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Peter Woelke 1872-1932

Peter Woelke - 1872-1942

Peter Woelke was born March 24. 1872 to Peter Woelke and Margaretha Tilitzky. He was born in Russia and came to Canada with his parents on the S.S. Mississippi on June 26. 1876. The Woelke's lived in Blumenfeld, Manitoba. On July 2, 1893 Peter Woelke married Maria Giesbrecht, born June I0, 1876. In 1895, Peter Woelke movei with his parents-in-law, ths Abraham Giesbrechts to Neuanlage, Sask.

Peter took up a homestead on NW 18-43-3-W3. In 1895 he broke 15 acres and cropped __ . In 1896 he broke 15 acres and cropped 15; in 1897 he broke 20 acres and cropped 50; in 1897 he broke 10 acres and cropped 60; in 1899 he broke 0 acres and cropped 60. Between 1896 and 1899, he owned 2 head of cattle and 2 horses. He built a 12x26-ft house in Neuanlage village valued at $100 and a stable valued at $50.

Like many other Mennonites the Woelkes moved many times. Besides Neuanlage, they also lived in the Villages of Kronsthal, Osterwich and Blumenthal. He operated businesses in Osler and Warman. They also lived in British Columbia, northern Saskatchewan, and lastly in Manitoba. Mr. Woelke passed away in 1932 and is buried at Arden, Man.

When the Old Colony settlers arrived at the Village of Neuanlage, the village had no name. A meeting was held of all the residents to choose a name for their village and Peter Woelke suggested the name Neuanlage, meaning new settlement. The others all agreed and Neuanlage became the name chosen.

The photo can be credited to Peter Woelke of Warman, a son of Peter Woelke and Maria Giesbrecht.

Note: caption under photo should read: Woelke owned a furniture store in Osler.

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