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Wilhelm Bergen 1865-1924

Wilhelm Bergen 1865-1924

Wilhelm Bergen was born Nov. 28, 1865, to Peter Bergen and Maria Rempel. He came to Canada with his parents on the S.S. Dominion. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 18,1876.

The Bergens then homesteaded at Eichenfeld, Manitoba.

Wilhelm married Helena Funk on Oct. 6,1889. She was born April 3, 1868, to Jacob Funk and Anna Knelson. The Funks lived at Shanzenfeld, Man. They had come to Canada on the 8.S. Sardinian on June 19,1876.

Wilhelm was a farmer and for many young farmers like himself it was difficult to find homestead land in Manitoba. So he, too, moved to Saskatchewan and in 1899 took up a homestead near Kronsthal (east of Osler).

In 1899, he broke 25 acres and cropped 0; in 1900, be broke 23 acres and cropped 34; in 1901, he broke.21 acres and cropped 58; in 1902, he broke 20 acres and cropped 74.

In 1899, he owned 5 head of cattle, 2 horses, 4 pigs. In 1899, he built a 12x20' framed house in Kronsthal, valued at $175. He also built a stable, granary and dug 2 wells. These improvements were valued at $200. He also fenced 20 acres for pasture, valued at $40.00.

Wilhelm Bergen purchased a homestead at Clark's Crossing in 1908. In the fall of 1908, his wife and one son died. Thirteen children had been born to his first wife.

He then married on Oct. 17,1909, to a widow, Mrs. David Schmidt (nee Maria Teichroeb), born July 8,1883, from Rheinland, Sask. She had two children from her first marriage, one of which died as an infant. To the marriage of Wilhelm Bergen and Maria Teichroeb another seven children were born.

The Bergens continued to live at Clark's Crossing until the death of Wilhelm in 1924. For many years he had been sickly, visiting both doctors and chiropractors. The main source of his troubles was; when he tried to stop a runaway team of horses that were pulling a buggy and they ran Mr. Bergen over. He died Feb. 28, 1924, of what was determined then as dropsy (a build up of fluids in the body).

His second wife and family then held an auction that fall and moved to their new home in the village of Neuhorst. Mrs. Wilhelm Bergen raised her family in Neuhorst. The last five years she was also not physically well. Her children, the John Bergens, took care of her until her death on Jan. 16, 1948. She is buried in the Neuhorst cemetery.

Many descendants of the Bergens still reside in the Valley area including two children, Mrs. David Neudorf of Neuhorst and Abram Bergen of Saskatoon.

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