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Wilhelm Siemens - 1857 - 1947

The Wilhelm Siemens Family

Wilhelm Siemens - 1857 - 1947

Wilhelm Siemens was born Nov. 10, 1857, to Wilhelm Siemens and Katharina Martens. He came to Canada with his parents on the S.S. Peruvian. This ship arrived in Quebec City on July 13, 1875. The Siemens' then homesteaded at Eichenfeld, Manitoba.

He was married on Dec. 9, 1880, to Anna Doerksen. She was born to Heinrich Doerksen and Maria Reimer on March 1, 1860. The Doerksens came to Canada on the S.S. Moravian which arrived in Quebec City on July 1,1875.

Sixteen children were born to the marriage of Wilhelm Siemens and Anna Doerksen. Mrs. Siemens died Aug. 9, 1917. Willtelm Siemens then married Mrs. Jacob Febr (nee Agatha Vogt).

Wilhelm Siemens took up his SE first 12-1-5-W1 homestead in the in Manitoba village of Einlage. He was naturalized as a Canadian citizen in 1883 when he obtained entry for his homestead.

He lived in Manitoba until (1898 when he moved to Saskatchewan. Here he took up another homestead north of Osler on SE16-40-4-W3. He first built a house in the village of Gruenthal and lived there from April 1900 until August 1902. He then moved to Rheinland village.

In 1900, he broke 22 acres and cropped 0; in 1901, he broke 22 acres and cropped 22; in 1902, he broke 22 acres and cropped 44; in 1903, he broke 20 acres and cropped 66.

In 1903, he owned 9 horses, 6 cattle, 4 hogs and 4 sheep. He built a 18x14-ft. framed house in Rheinland valued at $500. He also built a framed stable 14x42, valued was at $200.

Wilhelm was a popular teacher in the Old Colony German private schools. He taught at Neuhorst, Hochfeld, Osterwich, Rheinland and Blumenheim. He later moved to Swift Current. His final move was to Mexico where he died on Nov. 29, 1935.

Credit for the photo to John Rempel, Saskatoon, a great grandson of the Siemens'.

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