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Past Event: A Great Trek Tour
Planned May 24 - June 4, 2009

Check the web site for TourMagination for more details.

The DVD - Through the Desert Goes Our Journey will be available to be sent from TourMagination beginning Monday February 2, 2009.

Date Shipping from TourMagination: Monday February 2
Date ordered: By email or phone the week of January 26-30

Order information: Send email to ed AT or phone 1-800-565-0451. Don't forget full name and address for shipping.

Cost: $20 for DVD plus $3.50 shipping and handling. Total $23.50 Canadian Dollars.

Payment: Check made out to TourMagination or credit card (must provide credit card information).

You may wish to read his blog notes on their trip. John Sharp mentions there that the museum did not open after all as planned, but the tour got to see many other interesting things, and hear stories from the local people.

Pilgrims on the Silk Road - by Walter R. Ratliff

Walter Ratliff's book, Pilgrims on the Silk Road, and video, Through the Desert Goes our Journey, both are doing very well in sales and in awards and they are receiving the wider distribution and audience they deserve. Some people from the Rosthern area were on the second excursion to Khiva and area which was held in 2010. We hope in the near future to hear more from them about their adventures.

To learn more about these developments and to get copies of these works please connect with the web site:

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