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Honouring Our Volunteers at Faspa 2012 [Volunteers identified: (front) Eileen Quiring, Peter Siemens, Irene Baergen, Viola Schmidt, Betty Epp, Ruth Friesen, Hilda Voth, and Esther Patkau.
(back) Pat Epp, Al Mireau, Abe Buhler,Victor Wiebe, Verner Friesen, Helen Fast, Bob Wahl, Linda Doell, Werner Falk, Margaret Ewert, Elmer Neufeld, and Ed Schmidt.]

Honouring Volunteers at Faspa 2012

On June 3, 2012, the MHSS Board invited all the volunteers and workers to Sunday afternoon Faspa at Bethany Manor, so they could be honoured and thanked for their hidden services to the organization.

Peter Siemens - designed the MHSS logo

Before they were presented with gold certificates of thanks, President, Jake Buhler invited Leonard Doell, and Victor Wiebe to tell some stories. Jake told a few himself, and pointed out the young man, Peter Siemens, who designed our unique logo last year.

With Elmer Regier, treasurer, at the microphone to call up the volunteers, Jake Buhler kept busy going to meet the volunteers and to present to them their certificate of thanks from MHSS.

Jake handing Bob Wahl his certificate

Not all volunteers and workers were present to receive their token of gratitude, but here is the list as complete as Board members could get it.

MHSS Volunteers

Archives: Mary Leoppky, Helen Fast, Hilda Voth, Jake Wiebe, Alan Guenther, Esther Patkau, Helen Dyck, Viola Schmidt, Elmer Neufeld.

Artisan Day: Eileen Quiring, Pat Epp.

Cemetery Site: Helen Fast, Al Mierau

Construction: Werner Falk

Low German: Chris Cox

Photography: Linda Doell, Henry Harms, Bob Wahl (and sound)

Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian: Verner Friesen, Deanna Krahn, Victoria Neufeldt, Esther Patkau, Rosemary Slater

Former MHSS Board Members: Abe Buhler, George Dirks, Margaret Ewert, Verner Friesen, Henry Penner, Ed Schmidt, Victor Wiebe (and archivist)

Special recognition:
The late Ernest Baergen for work on the Polish records,
(Irene Baergen receiving for Ernie),
The late Dick Epp former board member and SMH editor,
(Betty Epp receiving for Dick)

Particular mention was made of the amazing amount of research Helen Kornelsen, who died very recently, had done. Esther Patkau is working on Helen's story and she will be honoured later when that is completed.

After the presentations and the group photo op on the platform, everyone was encouraged to go by the food table and fill their plates for a faspa of sweet buns, kringle, and fresh fruit plautz - three kinds!

Afterwards some of the Board members who worked unsung in the kitchen to get the lovely faspa ready - and then cleaned up, were caught, for the record, on camera. Members might do well, to thank Board members individually when you meet them for the countless hours they put in for our society!

James Friesen, Susan Braun, Werner Falk, Vera Falk (putting her delicious fruit sauce back) Agnes Regier, Erna Neufeld, and ...?

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