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Progress at Archives - July 2012

We know our friends and followers are keen to see how the move from the smaller archives suite to the larger spaces is coming along, so we have a few photos courtesy of Board member, Susan Braun, to give you a glimpse.

The new area for the archives comes first, before we get to the small suite of rooms that has been the archives so far.

new shelves in the new space
Here we have some of the new shelves already loaded down with books, right beside the door to the old archives area.

new shelves to the right
Swinging our glance further to the right, we see more new shelves filled up with books and resources.

table for sorting newspapers very carefully
Here is a table for sorting things. Looks like newspapers are the project of the day.

carefully arranged archive boxes
A new shelf unit in the foreground, and carefully arranged, and labeled archive boxes in the unit behind.

another wall of new shelves
Look, there is yet another wall of shelves already filling up!

the lastest, freshly finished shelf units
Here is the latest, freshly finished set of shelf units.

Now, let's step into the old archives area and see how things are going. . .

work room in the old area.
This is the work-room in the old area. Volunteers have to constantly clean up after themselves or this gets cluttered very quickly.

crowded stacks room in old area
Step through this door to peek into this crowded stacks or storage room. Notice the piles of things to the right that has yet to be sorted and filed.

another crowded corner of the stacks room
Another crowded corner of this storage room.

smaller room also crowded full
This is the smaller room on the other side of the work-room. Note that is is crammed full too.

other side of the smaller room - stuff yet to be moved
And this is the other side of that smaller room.

Obviously, there is a lot to be moved from these last few photos - over into the much larger room we came through first.

Perhaps you can't build shelves, or carefully-CAREFULLY sort and file documents and things, but what about contributing to the cost of all those new shelves? Think about it. Opportunities will be provided.

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