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A Tribute to Vera Falk
by Leonard Doell & Jake Buhler

This evening, we as a Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan want to honour and pay tribute to our dear friend, Vera Falk, for her 26+ years of faithful and dedicated service on the Board of our Society.

In the fall of 1992, Vera was elected to the MHSS Board at the AGM in Regina. One of the highlights of those first years for members of the Board was meeting in the home of Dick and Betty Epp and being spoiled by the generosity of Betty Epp’s hospitality.

Werner and Vera Falk honoured

Vera has been a very committed Board member, rarely missing a meeting. She served as secretary for many of those years, while at the same time submitting a regular column in a local newspaper, plus sending in reports to Mennonite and other papers about MHSS events.

Next to Dick Epp, Vera has been the longest serving member of the MHSS Board since the Society began in 1973. Throughout all those years, her husband, Werner, has not only been her chauffeur, but also her constant companion and support. Together they volunteered to attend and represent MHSS at many Heritage events, at the Western Development Museum, at Saskatchewan History and Folklore events, like the Watermelon Festival, etc. It is here that they would set up displays of books and materials and engage in conversation with people about Mennonite history.

They helped to physically move the RJC Archives from Rosthern to Bethany Manor, and then helped the set up of our first attempt at an Archives in the back corner in the basement of the Villa and then again,when the Archive space became available underneath this worship hall. They helped to renovate the space to make it into the beautiful facility it is today, which then meant moving all the books and materials now under this new area! They have also have sold countless books for MHSS, helping to sustain the society financially over the years.

Vera and Werner have been very generous not only with their time, but financially, and in other ways. They have donated many resources to the Archives to benefit researchers and to preserve items for future generations.

Vera has also been very generous with her baking, sharing cookies and muffins for events like today.

She is also the person who thoughtfully shared many words of comfort and condolences to Board members when they were walking through hard times. We have really appreciated that Vera is a team player, always wanting the best for the MHSS program.

We give thanks today for the faithful and dedicated service that both Werner and Vera have extended to MHSS, and to the wider Mennonite community. We will miss your presence on the Board, Vera, and Werner hanging out in the back room, waiting for you. We want to wish you the best of health and God’s richest blessings for the future.

[To Audience:] Please join us in giving a heart-felt thank you to Vera for her commitment of service to our Board for the past 26 years, and to Werner, for his unwavering support. This is not a farewell, for we hope to stay connected with you in the future.

John Reddekopp, Werner & Vera Falk, and Leonard Doell

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