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REPORT:Connecting Mennonites - MHSS AGM - March 6-7, 2020


Listed in this section are a variety of reports, articles, newsletters and miscellaneous publications that highlight Mennonites in many different ways. They are presented here, usually as full text, so that MHSS readers may have ready access to a type of world wide library of Mennonite information.

Press Releases

March 7, 2011 - Release: Mennonite Historical Society (MHSC) Launches New Projects

Report: Book Launch of New German Publication (Enn Bloomheim Opjewossen - by Jack Driedger and Chris Cox).

April 5, 2012 - Release: Hespeler documents reflect Manitoba Mennonite history. The website describes some special documents given to the Mennonite Heritage Centre (MHC) by the great-grandson of William Hespler, the man who helped many Mennonites settle in Manitoba.

Past Events Reported

Making History - a Devotional by (Rev.) David Neufeld at the 2020 AGM

Connecting Mennonites - MHSS AGM - March 6-7, 2020

MHSS -2019-Report - by Victor G. Wiebe and Jake Buhler (.pdf)

"Peace Event - Burning of the Guns" (Nov.11, 2019)

Tribute to Vera and Werner Falk

Celebrating Our Anniversaries and AGM Weekend -2019

Peace Perspectives - November 11, 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting; Singing by the Numbers

Blacks and Mennonites as Good Neighbours in Saskatchewan (Peace Event 2016)

2016 - Annual General Meeting - March 5, 2016

Stories of Peace 4 Storytellers shared Pacifist experiences at Bethany Manor - November 15, 2015.

John-J-Friesen-Presentations.pdf - given at Annual General Meeting, March 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting & Mennonite Migrations - March 6, 7, 2015

Walter Klaassen's Translated Book Launch - March 9, 2014

2014 Annual General Meeting - GAMEO, - Archives - March 1, 2014

Church of God in Christ, Mennonite (History) - February 28, 2014

Book Promotion: It Happened in Moscow - November 8, 2013

Peace Stories - November 9, 2013 (at Mount Royal Mennonite Church

By Whatever Name Book Signing September 8, 2013.

Successful Book Launch - "The Fehrs" (June 9, 2013)

2013 Annual General Meeting Report - a full long page with lots of photos.

Nettie Balzer, author of "Helena - a Peek into the Past" - Book Launch.

Honouring Volunteers Faspa 2012

Author Rudy Wiebe, and the Annual General Meeting - 2012

Peacemakers & Genealogy Day

Artisan Day (2011) Photo Tour

The Mennonite Historical Society of Canada (MHSC) honours two MHSS members with an award of Excellence: Esther Patkau and Diedrich "Dick" Epp.

Newsletters of Interest

The Mennonite-Polish Friendship Association Newsletter. December 2010. (a PDF file).


Most Mennonites recognize the name, Ruben Epp, as a humorist recording his funny Low German stories. Jack Driedger, a local Mennonite writer has shared with us some English essays by Ruben Epp, which describe some entertaining instances in his work as a mechanic. We provide the 30 page document here for your enjoyment; ADVENTURES OF A MECHANIC.

Mennonite Education in Siberia: Heinrich P. Wieler In a Classroom, 1916-1918 - by Lawrence Klippenstein. An earlier version of this paper was presented at a conference on Mennonites in Siberia that was actually held in Siberia. After Klippenstein made some corrections and revisions he sent us this final edition to put up here to share with you.

Photos Stories

To satisfy the curious, here is a page of photos showing the progress of the move to larger spaces for the archives in the basement at 110 LaRonge Road. Progress at Archives July 2012

An updated Progress Report in a Photo Story upon the installation of the rolling shelf units in December 2012.

If you want to add a document or report to this collection or make a comment, please contact us via our Contact Form.

Recently Added: NEW! AGM Report 2020 (with photos)

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