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     Abram A. Martens

     A. J. Regier

     Anna Funk Collection

     Cornelius Boldt

     Dick Epp Collection

     Ed & Wally Schmidt

     Eric and Lenora Shroeder

     Frank B. Guenter

     George Zacharias

     Gerhard B. Wiens

     Helen Dyck

     Helen Kornelsen Collection

     Henry D. Jantzen

     Isaac Loewen

     Isaac Loewen - Bio

     Jacob G. Guenter

     Johann Dreidger

     John D. Friesen

     John D. Friesen Bio

     John G. Rempel

     John J. Janzen

     John J. Neudorf

     John N. & Susie (Abrams) Dyck

     John P. Nickel

     Margaret Epp

     Maria Bartel Collection

     Peter P. Schultz

     Raymond G. Fast Collection

     Reuben and Irmgard Epp Collection

     Reuben Epp Collection

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     Rudi and Lee Fast

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Photo Records of Mennonite Churches in Saskatchewan

     Index of Saskatchewan Mennonite Churches and Institutions

     Aberdeen Mennonite Church

     Arelee Churches

     Dalmeny Churches

     Fairholme and Gnadenau Mennonite Churches

     Gruenthal Churches

     Hague and area Mennonite Churches

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     Pella Mennonite Church at Neville

     Saskatoon Mennonite Churches

     Saskatoon Mennonite Institutions

     Rosthern and area Mennonite Churches

     Rosthern Mennonite Institutions

     Saltcoats Mennonite Church

     Small Mennonite Churches that Were

     Warman Churches

      Elbag Oldest Building used for a Mennonite Church (Europe)

MCC Saskatchewan - 50th Anniversary Stories

   MCCS's 12 Anniversary Events

   January - IVEP

     Report: Celebrate Exchange

   February - Thrift Shop Movement

   Canadian Foodgrains Bank - Osler.

   Ten Thousand Villages/SELFHELP

   May - Restorative Justice Anniversary Celebration

   June - Relief Sale

   MCC Stories

     a Story from Ten Thousand Villages

     Beginnings of Self Help Crafts (Ten Thousand Villages) in Sask

     Response to Hunger

     One of the Least of These - Mike

     Tough on Crime

     Magdalena Andres Story

Saskatchewan Mennonite Authors

   Saskatchewan Mennonite Authors - index

   Reuben Epp


   David I. Bergen

   Jack Driedger

   Enn Bloomheim Oppjewossen - reviewed

   Victor Carl Friesen

   Ruth Marlene Friesen

   Ken Petkau

   Margaretha Toews-Willms

Books Available from MHSS

   index - Book List by Title

   Book List by Authors Names

   MHSS Books for Sale by Author

   MHSS Books for Sale by Title

   certain used books

   Heritage Night Presentations

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Church Histories

   Index - Church Histories

   ZOAR 100th Anniversary history

Death Notices - Obituaries - Cemeteries

   Deaths - Obituaries - Cemeteries

   CANADIAN MENNONITE DeathNotice June 2012 - INDEX (large PDF)

   Sask Valley News Obits - June 2011 - INDEX (large PDF)

   Der Bote Obituaries - index

with links to a separate page for each letter of the alphabet - A - Z.


     Obituaries (index) - individuals of note

     Dr. Ernie Baergen


   Upcoming Events (Left up on site when past event-date for review)

   100th Celebrations(PDF)

   100th Anniversary Zoar Mennonite Church

   2007 Nov 9-10 MHSS Historography Sessions (PDF)

   AGM-Appreciating Bergthaler POSTER (PDF)

2010 Great Trek Silk Road Odyssey

   4th Reformation - fall 2009

   The Fourth Reformation - course description

   2010 SCMBC 64th Convention (PDF)

   2011 AMG Mental Health poster (PDF)

   2011 Mental Health Mental Illness


   2012 - February - March events

   65th Conference of SCMB Churches

   Artisan Day 09 photostory

   Artisan Day 2011 Photo Tour

   Artisan Day Poster 09 (PDF)

   August 08

   August 2007

   Clarence Blake Friesen

   Der Bote Celebration comments

   Der Bote farewell

   Great Trek 2010 Khiva 9

   Great Trek 2010 tour plan (pdf)

   Great Trek Tour 2009

   Great Trek and 100th Church anniversaries

   July 2008

   Loeppky Siberia 2013 brochure(PDF)

   MHSC Citations and Ruth Derksen Siemens' Russian Gulag

   MHSC Ruth Derksen Siemens Poster (PDF)

   MHSS 2012 AGM poster with Rudy Wiebe

   March 2008

   March 2009

   March 2010

   Mennonites and Money - Oct/08

   Mennonites and Human Rights call for papers

   Mid-winter Workshop 2-7-10

   November 2007

   November 2008

   October 2007

   POSTER Fourth Reformation Course Walter Klassen

   Plaut Dietsch

   Plaut Dietsch weekend poster(pdf)


   Report Peacemakers and Genealogy Day 2011

   Seeing Poland 2013 Document (PDF)

   Seeing Poland Through Mennonite Eyes 2013

   Tour-Poland-Mennonite-Perspective (PDF)

   Special Event at MHSC Annual Meeting, Saskatoon

   Events for August 6, 2007

   poster FALL event Nov 14-15-08 (PDF)

   Summer 2010

Special Presentations

November 9-10, 2007:
Dr. Glenn Penner's West and East Prussian Genealogical Sources

Dr. Ted Regehr's Lost Homeland for six Mennonites (password needed).

Dr. Peter J. Klassen's Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia: The Quest for Self-Identity (password needed)

Mennonites in Poland

November 2008:

John Sharp's Through the Desert Goes our Journey

January 2011;

Report on MHSC Citations & Ruth Derksen Siemens' Russian Gulag Stories

Family Histories

Family Histories

   Mennonite DNA


   GRANDMA Namecodes (PDF)

   MHSS History (Low German) GRANDMA

   surnames index

   consonantal sound shift (PDF)

   Stories by Albertine Speiser

   Saskatchewan Mennonites Names in GAMEO


   Machno attack 19

   GRANDMA'S Window

   Peter Penner Diary(pdf)


   The Homesteader

   History of Judge Robert Harold McClelland

   History of Judge Robert Harold McClelland (page 2)

Press Releases

   index/(MHSS) Launches Archives Fund-raiser

   MB Herald goes digital


   Reports - index

   Book Launch of New Low German Book

   MHSC Launches New Projects

   MPFA Newsletter 2010 (PDF)


   Mennonite Education in Siberia: Heinrich P. Wieler - 1916-1918 (by Lawrence Klippenstein).

   Author Rudy Wiebe and AGM 2012

   Honouring Volunteers Faspa 2012

   Nettie Balzer Helena a Peek into the Past

   Progress at Archives December 2012

   Progress at Archives July 2012

   2013 - Annual General Meeting

   2014 Annual General Meeting - GAMEO, - Archives - March 1, 2014

   Book Promotion: It Happened in Moscow

   By Whatever Name - Book Signing, Sept 8 2013

   Peace Stories

   Successful Book Launch - The Fehrs

   Walter Klaassen's Translated Book Launch - March 9, 2014

   Church of God in Christ, Mennonite (History) - February 28, 2014

   Honouring Volunteers Faspa 2012

   Author Rudy Wiebe, and the Annual General Meeting - 2012

Peacemakers & Genealogy Day

Artisan Day (2011) Photo Tour

award of Excellence: Esther Patkau and Diedrich "Dick" Epp.

Pioneer Profiles

index of Pioneer Profiles, published in 1985 in the Valley News

   Abraham Derksen - 1866-1926

   Abraham Giesbrecht - 1946-1923

   Abram Neufeld - 1877-1942

   Aeltester Jacob Wiens - 1855-1932

   Arpm Guemter - 1974-1949

   Cornelius Driedger 1867-1934

   Cornelius Hamm - 1878-1947

   David A. Dyck 1881-1966

   David Giesbrecht - Dalmeny to Dallas

   Franz Bulin - 1884-1952

   Gerhard Bartsch - 1859-1925

   Gerhard Hein - 1856-1924

   Dyck, David 1881-1966

   Harder, Peter 1871-

   Driedger, Cornelius 1867-1934

   Giesbrecht, David

   Wall, Johann P. Rev -1875-1961

   Bullin, Peter 1884-1952
[correction: Franz, submitted by Peter]

   Wall, Johann Rev -1872-1919

   Loeppky, Johann - 1882-1950

   Klassen, Johann - 1856-1929

   Janzen, Isaac - 1870-1935

   Reddekopp, Johann - 1869-1927

   Guenter, Aron 1874-1949

   Wiens, Jacob 1855-1932

   Doell, Heinrich - 1863-1934

   Friesen, Johann - 1877-1960

   Janzen, Heinrich - 1879-1920

   Janzen, Gerhard - 1877-1947

   Wiebe, Peter 1861-1949

   Wiebe, Heinrich 1881-1968

   Wiens, Heinrich - 1881-1945

   Guenther, Peter - 1871-1955

   Neufeld, Abram - 1877-1942

   Neufeld, Abram - 1877-1942

   Kliewer, Jacob 1874-1922

   Neufeld, Johann - 1844-1913

   Bergen, Jacob 1850-1911

   Friesen, Heinrich - 1879-1955

   Olfert, Jacob 1877-1956

   Derksen, Abram - 1866-1926

   Schmidt, Isaak 1864-

   Teichroeb, Jacob 1870-

   Loeppky, Isaac - 1859-1947

   Bueckert, Herman - 1850-1937

   Hamm, Cornelius 1878-1947

   Siemens, Wilhelm_1857-1935

   Wiebe, Wilhelm - 1870-1932

   Bergen, Wilhelm - 1865-1924

   Loewen, Jacob - 1847-1937

   Dyck, Herman - 1876-1959

   Friesen, Isbrand - 1867-1945

   Dyck, Johann - 1874-1932

   Driedger, Peter - 1851-1933

   Goertzen, Benjamin -1873-1929

   Klassen, Peter H. - 1867-1952

   Braun, Johan - 1864-1929

   Martens, David - 1845-1926

   Peters, Johann - 1875-1947

   Peters, Johann

   Isaac Hildebrandt - 1864-1929

   Peter Pauls 1869-1924

Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian

   Official Magazine of the MHSS

   Become a Member to Get the Historian


   Issue- Winter 2015

   Issue - Summer 2015

   Issue - Spring 2015

   Issue - Winter 2014

   Issue - Summer 2014

   Issue - Spring-2014

   Issue - Winter 2013

   Issue - Summer 2013

   Issue - Spring 2013

   Issue - Winter 2012

   Issue - Spring 2011

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   Issue - Fall 2011

   Issue - Spring 2010

   Issue - Summer 2010

   Issue - Fall 2010

   Issue - October 2009

   Issue - June 2009

   Issue - February 2009

   Issue - October 2008

   Issue - June 2008

   Issue - February 2008

   Issue - October 2007

   Issue - July 2007

   Issue - April 2007

   Issue - September 2006

   Issue - December 2005

   Issue - September 2005

   Issue - April 2005

   Issue - December 2004
   Issue - April 2004



   John G. Rempel - by his daughter Laura K. Wiens

   John G. Rempel - by Helen Kornelsen.

   Jacob H. Epp - by his daughter Carol Baerg

   John J. Janzen - by Ruth Friesen

   Dick H. Epp (by Leonard Doell)

   Dick H. Epp (by Ted Regehr)

   Dick H. Epp - Family Eulogy

   Reg Rempel - tribute from Sask Valley News

Other Historical Societies

   Other Societies

   Other Mennonite Historical Societies

   Lorraine Roth - Award of Excellence

   MHSC - 2013 Report by Conrad Stoesz

   MHSC - 2013 Report by Wesley Berg

   MHSC - 2013 Response by Lawrence Klippenstein

   Origins of Mennonite Heritage Village (Steinbach, MB)

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