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Other Mennonite Historical Societies

There are other Societies of Mennonite history and culture and genealogy. We like to network with them, and we know that sometimes you may be looking for links and information about these other groups.

Some societies, of course, are not strictly Mennonite in nature, such as the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society, but you may find good connections and assistance in them too.

Here are some direct links which you may follow for more information;

California Mennonite Historical Society

Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Assoc.

Hanover Steinbach Historical Society

Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia

Mennonite Historical Society of Canada

Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario

Mennonite-Polish Friendship Association

We have a More Extensive List of Other Mennonite Historical Societies

Sometimes these societies have special events. When informed we can celebrate with them by sharing them with you.


The Mennonite Historical Society of Canada (MHSC) honours two MHSS members with an award of Excellence: Esther Patkau and Diedrich "Dick" Epp.

News Release: Mennonite Historical Society (MHSC) Launches New Projects

2013 Annual General Meeting of our National MHSC:
Wesley Berg (of MHSA, Alberta) reports

Conrad Stoesz (Archivist for Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies) reports on the same

Lawrence Klippenstein, of Mennonite Heritage Village, responds to reports he has read and heard. (Bad weather kept some from attending).

Origins of Mennonite Heritage Village - an article Lawrence Klippenstein shared with us.

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