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Solving a Sawatzky Mystery

Sandra Buck writes, asking for assistance in solving her Sawatzky Mystery. She has some photos from her grandmother's photo album, but no names or dates. However, she has provided the following information about her Sawatzky relatives, which may help you to recognize a connection to your clan. Or perhaps you have met and known some of these people.

Sandra writes:

All I know about my grandmother, Katarina Sawatzky, is that she lived and married her first husband in Dunelm, Sask. She married a Jacob Krohn and he was a grain elevator operator. Jacob died tragically from blood poisoning from false teeth. He is buried in Dunelm, Sask.

My grandmother's brother arrived along with family in 1925-1926 in Dunelm, Sask.

Bernhard Sawatzky, her father, died in the living room on her couch while cutting her youngest son's hair. She had 3 children from Krohn.

Grandma had two other children illegitimately.

She later moved on into Swift Current, Sask. where she met and married her second husband, Carl Edwin Currence. Teddy was his nick name. She had two more children with him; my father, Jack Currence, and Donna Currence.

Agatha Sawatzky
A. Agatha/Aganetha Sawatzky - perhaps?
Christine and John Sawatzky
B. Christine & John Sawatzky?

My great-grandparents immigrated from Chortitza Colony to West Reserve, Manitoba. Bernhard Sawatzky married Aganetha Driedger on 7 Aug, 1880, and had 12 children.
1. Aganetha Sawatzky married Jacob Penner.
2. Johann Sawatzky died at age of 4, buried in Douglas 10 Feb 1887.
3. Bernhard Sawatzky died at age of 3, buried in Douglas 12 Feb 1887.
(Now I'd love to find out more about these deaths as well. This was a big funeral, two deaths and children, what happened? Was it a sickness or an accident?)
4. Peter Sawatzky married a Justina Fehr.
5. Bernhard B. Sawatzky married Justine Koethler. This family moved to Dunelm, Sask.
6. Johann B Sawatzky married Anna Hiebert.
7. Abram Sawatzky married Helena Peters. This family is in the Hamm & Quiring book. My grandmother stayed in touch a lot with this family; alot of her pics were of his family.
8. Cornelius Sawatzky married Helena Doerksen.
9. Jacob Sawatzky.
10. Katarina Sawatzky was born 8 Dec, 1896. This is my grandmother she said she was born in Gretna. Later on she moved to Dunelm, Sask., and married a Jacob Krohn and he died young due to blood poisoning from false teeth. Her father was already a widower and lived with her and died on her couch, and was buried at Dunelm.
11. David Sawatzky was born in Stanley.
12 Klaas Sawatzky died at 10 months old, buried in Stanley.

Sawatzky 1

Sawatzky 1
Sawatzky 2

Sawatzky 2
Sawatzky 3
Sawatzky 3
Sawatzky 4
Sawatzky 4
Cornelius Sawatzky
Sawatzky 5
David Sawatzky
Sawatzky 6
Sawatzky 7
Sawatzky 7
Sawatzky 10
Sawatzky 10

Can you help Sandra solve this Sawatzky Mystery?

If you can, use the form on this page: assistance request to contact MHSS and we will forward your information to Sandra, and allow you to be in touch with her directly. (We just don't want to post anyone's email here to be snatched up by spammers).

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