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Venice School Photo
Naming Puzzle

Venice School Picture - Naming Puzzle

This is a photo of both Venice School classrooms. We do not know the year, or all the names of the students. However, since it was published on the back cover of our Historian (2nd issue in 2020), several people have contributed to an effort to find out the names of everyone in the photo. It would be hard to make out the names if we tried to publish this photos again in the Historian. So, as editor, and the web-master for this site, I decided that the best plan may be to publish it here, and invite anyone and everyone, who might recognize someone in this photo to contribute what you know.

To get you started, I will provide you with two lists, (as PDF files, so you can easily print them out). One shows the names of those in each row as some have surmised. The other list will provide the numbers that have been written over the teacher and students in the photo, and the names that have been confirmed. You may use the form below to list the numbers and the names for each that you know for sure.

If certain numbered individuals have more than one name proposed, we may just have to extend our appeal for still more to come and let us know who they think that numbered person is. Eventually, we should be able to come to a conclusion, don't you think? :)

First, you will want to study these lists and compare them with the faces you see in the photo. You may print out the lists, and also this photo (simply right-click on it and on the popup menu choose "Save As" to get it it on your computer - preferrably a desktop with a large monitor).

Venice School Photo - LIST by ROWS

Venice School Photo - List by Numbers

Remember that the names suggested on the lists are not necessarily set in stone. They may have been the best guess of others, so you may suggest your best guess too, and hopefully - as more and more of the former Venice Students come to contribute their guesses we can confirm a more complete and perfect list to file away.

If you have more than just 2 or 3 names to suggest for any of the numbers, I suggest you print out a list, write in the names and numbers you feel sure of, and email it to me after you get my first reply to your submission via the form. I will see it gets to those who are most keen to get these students identified.

Use the contact form HERE: at Assistance-Request. Be sure to mention that you are responding about the Venice School Photo.

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