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Honour List

This Honour List recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions toward preserving Mennonite history, heritage, or faith within our province. To submit a name for the Honour List, nominate that person in writing, and forward to the MHSS Board.

The date in brackets is the year of death. The profiles of some of the honourees are on our website in this Tributes Section. (If you can provide the ones that are missing, the editor would be glad to hear from you).

Helen Banman († 2016)
Abram J. Buhler († 1982)
Helen Dyck († 2007)
Dick H. Epp († 2009)
Jacob H. Epp († 1993)
Margaret Epp († 2008)
Peter K. Epp († 1985)
George K. Fehr (†2000)
Jake M. Fehr
Jacob E. Friesen († 2007)
John D. Friesen († 2004)
Jacob G. Guenter († 2013)
Gerhard J. Hiebert († 1959)
Katharine Hooge († 2001)
Abram G. Janzen († 2015)
John J. Janzen († 2004)
George Krahn († 1999)
Ingrid Janzen-Lamp
Abram M. Neudorf († 1988)

Johan. J. Neudorf († 1988)
Jacob C. Neufeld († 1994)
John P. Nickel († 2018)
David Paetkau († 1972)
Esther Patkau († 2017)
John D. Reddekopp († 2011)
Ted Regehr
John G. Rempel († 1963)
Ed Roth († 2008)
Wilmer Roth († 1982)
Arnold Schroeder († 2000)
Jacob Schroeder († 1993)
Katherine Thiessen († 1984)
Jacob J. Thiessen († 1977)
David Toews († 1947)
Toby Unruh († 1997)
Albert Wiens († 2002)
George Zacharias († 2000)

Tributes to Individual Mennonites in Saskatchewan

Reginald Rempel, retired to Laird, SK., died suddenly in an tragic accident. A page of tributes has been begun in his memory.

Dick H. Epp, a long time editor of The Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian and one of the founders of the M.H.S.S. passed away on June 27, 2009, and the funeral was held July 3, at Nutana Park Mennonite Church in Saskatoon. Ted Regehr and Leonard Doell gave tributes at the funeral. We share them here with you, and also the eulogy;
A Tribute to Dick H. Epp by Ted Regehr
A Tribute to Dick. H. Epp by Leonard Doell
The Family Eulogy

Each year our society seeks to honour some of the outstanding Mennonites in our community. Sometimes this is done posthumusly. Where possible we try to obtain permission to post the tributes on this website. Follow the links here to see the ones provided so far;

Presented August 10, 2008, Honouring Mennonite Leaders;
John G. Rempel - by his daughter Laura K. Wiens

John G. Rempel - by Helen Kornelsen, a former student of his, and a retired missionary to India.

Jacob H. Epp - by his daughter Carol Baerg

We would like to provide the text of other Tributes presented at past events sponsored by MHSS. If presenters or others would be kind enough to send us the script of their tribute, we will add them here. Use our Contact page to reach us

Presented February 7, 2003
John J. Janzen - by friend Ruth Marlene Friesen

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